Terms and Conditions


Please carefully study the following terms and conditions of access and use of the website www. smartcv.co  ("website"). The use of the services of the website is deemed unconditional by you to accept these terms. If you disagree with all or part of these terms and conditions or you do not comply with the specifications required, you are not permitted to use the website.
Depending on your status, as an employee or employer, the respective individual terms and conditions apply. In the case of employers, a service contract may have been signed, incorporating the present terms and conditions into an integral annex.

The present terms and conditions may be amended from time-to-time and you are required to check them every day before using the website.


The website is the property of the company SMARTCV I.K.E. ("SMARTCV"), which is based in Greece, in the municipality of Athens, Attica and on  Zisiou str. 5. The website includes the most specific content provided and the most specific services provided.
"Content" is all the texts, graphics, design and programming used on the site.

"Design" is the color schemes and pagination of the website. "Programming" is the user code (HTML, JavaScript,
   etc .). ) and the server code used on the Web page.
"Document" is any material placed by any user on the website (Job details, curriculum vitae, accompanying letters, etc.).

"Employer" is the natural or legal person who uses the website to inform about any vacancies offered or for any reason related to finding employees. "Graphics" are all logos and all other graphical elements of the website.

"Prospective worker" is the user who has permission to access the website to search for a job.

"Services" are all services provided by the website.

"Text" are all the texts that are on each page of the website.

"User" is any natural or legal person using any part of the website.


The website is aimed at jobseekers and employers looking for prospective employees. The use of this website is acceptable only if it is done in an honest manner and for lawful purposes. Stakeholders workers : for the employees concerned the use of the website is non-exclusive and may only be made for personal use, not permitted any sale or disposal in any way of the content to third parties. Each interested worker is solely responsible for the content of any document posted on the website and is wholly charged for any civil or criminal consequence arising from this reason.
 You acknowledge that you are obliged to comply with the rules set out below.
Employees: For the  employers concerned the use of the website is non-exclusive and may only be made for the internal professional use of prospective employees. Each interested employer shall be solely responsible for the use which it carries out and the posting of any document and is wholly charged for any civil or criminal consequence arising from this reason. You acknowledge that you are obliged to comply with the
 Rules set out below.


Apart from the content that each user posts, all other content of the website is the exclusive intellectual property of SMARTCV.


SMARTCV  has the website for prospective employees to be able to search for jobs and identify potential employers and employers can identify prospective employees.  SMARTCV  does not in any way control the user's behavior or reliability or the content of the documents that users place. Each user decides solely on his own criteria for the information received from the content of the website and the  SMARTCV  bears no responsibility for its actions, which is the result of the information received through the website. If  SMARTCV is informed in any way that any document or action is inconsistent with these terms, it may in its sole discretion take any measures it deems appropriate.  SMARTCV  does not provide any guarantee to anyone regarding the content of the website and its services.  SMARTCV  will make every effort to ensure the continuous availability and functionality of the website, but it cannot guarantee this and therefore is not responsible for any loss or damage that may occur to a user in this respect.  SMARTCV  will also endeavour to ensure the non-existence of viruses and unauthorized access to personal information of users and documents, but cannot guarantee this and therefore not be liable for Any loss or damage that may occur to a user for that reason. In addition to the warranties expressly mentioned in these terms, the website works "As is", without any additional warranties of any kind. The total  
liability of
 SMARTCV, contractual, tortious (including negligence or breach of authority) for misleading, repairing damage or anything else, regarding the execution of this contract will be limited to the total amount paid by the user in accordance with the contract.  SMARTCV will not be liable to the user for any financial loss, loss of earnings, lost or reduced clientele or anything
 Other, in any case either direct, indirect or consequential, or claims for consequential damage of any kind (as it may arise).


If you are an employer or employee, you may terminate this agreement at any time with a written notice to SMARTCV, as  SMARTCV  may resolve the contract at anytime with written notice to you.  SMARTCV may also suspend your access to the website for as long as it deems appropriate to protect its interests or the interests of another user, without the obligation of prior notice to you.


The interfaces (' Links ') on third party websites do not create any liability of SMARTCV  and exist solely for your convenience. If you decide to sign in to these websites, you do so at your own risk.


You agree that you will defend and indemnify SMARTCV  (its directors, its employees and its representatives) and that you will intervene in favour of and against third parties ' claims, actions and claims (including without limitation of costs, damages and court fees) arising from any document placed by you on the website and violating the rights of third parties (including libelous defamation or copyright infringement). rights), or arising from your failure to comply with applicable law.


The code of Conduct for privacy on the website is included in these terms.


Questions related to the use of the website will be directed to feedback. Notifications for SMARTCV  can be sent to the address indicated on the website and notices for you will be sent to the address you have indicated or to any other address specified by  SMARTCV  reasonably as an appropriate address for you.


Access to the website may not be lawful for certain persons and these persons are not entitled to enter the website or use it. In case you enter the website you assume the responsibility. The applicable law for these terms is the Greek and competent courts for any claim that may arise are exclusively those of Greece.


12.1. Rules for the placement of documents.  
(a) Your document may not contain (i) URLs or references to other sites of your own or third parties for advertising or other purposes, excluding personal pages on social media. ( (ii) Material infringing third party intellectual property, personal data or any other rights of third parties. (iii) material that is pornographic, vulgar, false, libelous, threatening, disturbing, inaccurate, offensive, violent, sexual, abusive.

(b) You may not use your documents (i) to impersonate another person (in life or not, actual or fictitious), (ii) to place false, inaccurate or misleading information on the site, (iii) to place advertisements, (iv) to place chain letters (chain letters), (v) to place opinions or announcements, whether commercial or other. ( c)
   SMARTCV is not responsible or obliged to check the documents which are published and placed on the website, others may make random random checks. Documents found to infringe the above rules may be removed by  SMARTCVat its discretion.

12.2. Management Rules(a) You may not send users junk email. (
 b) Protect your password. You are responsible for keeping your password and information confidential. You are also responsible for all uses that can be made with your registration, regardless of whether they are authorized by you or not. If others use your password to post and publish inappropriate material, you are at risk of being removed from your Access License. You agree to
inform SMARTCV of Any unauthorized use of your registration and password.

  12.3. Safety rulesIt isforbidden for users to violate or attempt to violate the security of the website. Violations of the system or the security of the network may lead to civil or criminal liability. SMARTCV will investigate events that may be related to such violations and may cooperate with the police authorities in prosecuting users associated with such violations.